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how will my toyota avalon do in hawaii
Nov 17, 2016

Can A Different Climate Cause Car Problems?

Dear Car Talk

After a bad experience when he shipped a truck to another climate, Jackson asks whether to risk it again. 

Toyota Avalon 2003

should i use a lower or a higher octane gas if i can't get mid range gas
Nov 08, 2016

What to Do When You Need an Octane in Between?

Dear Car Talk

Dave needs an octane in between what's offered at the pump. Should he become an impromptu mixologist when filling up?

gasoline Toyota Avalon 2016

Jan 01, 2007

Does the blue smoke mean there's a boat payment in Dora's future?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Avalon that I bought in January with miles Within the first week of owning the car it started blowing blue smoke By the time I brought it back to where I'd bought it they said they...

engines Toyota Avalon

Jul 01, 1996

Ideas for a car that can be used to commute during the week and haul the family on the weekend?

Dear Car Talk

I read your column every week You not only supply great automotive advice but you add that extra quart of humor that we all need I'm in need of a combination vehicle I need a four-door six-passenger car with good...

reviews Toyota Avalon 1996