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are under engine covers necessary
Nov 24, 2016

Does That Piece of Plastic Serve a Purpose?

Dear Car Talk

Alex removed the plastic panel just behind his front bumper after it started dragging. Does it do something vital, or can he just soldier on without it?

DIY Acura TSX 2005

do spark plug coils need to be replaced separately from the whole plugs
Jun 23, 2016

Avoiding the time suck of a stuck spark plug

Dear Car Talk

It took Dan three and a half days to change his spark plugs because of one fussy coil pack. What turned this simple job into an epic quest for fire?

spark plugs DIY Acura 2005

Acura NSX
Jan 14, 2015

Ford GT and Acura NSX

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

In keeping with a Detroit show that largely reflected the two great realities of today’s automobile business – high industry profits and cheap gas – it was only fitting that two, new supercars would formally debut.

Detroit Auto Show Acura Honda 2015

Acura offers new engine for gas guzzling TL
Sep 30, 2014

Should Lars Take the Free Engine?

Dear Car Talk

Acura has offered Lars a brand new engine in the hopes that it will fix his current car's oil guzzling problem. The car has no other issues. Should he accept Acura's offer? Tom and Ray's question to Lars: What are you waiting for?

oil Acura TL 2012

why is my steering wheel locking up for no reason
Aug 01, 2005

My steering wheel locks and the dealer won't fix it. What do I do?

Dear Car Talk

The steering wheel on my Acura RSX has locked on me while driving three times now I took it in to the dealership and they could not find anything wrong and thus were unable to fix it I have to...

safety steering dealers Acura

Apr 01, 1990

An American replacement for my foreign car...

Dear Car Talk

I drive a Acura Legend Coupe and will soon be looking for a replacement The Legend has been trouble free and drives beautifully Can you recommend an American car that would be similar Norm RAY No we can't Get another...

Acura Legend