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which is the better feature in the snow front-wheel drive or anti-lock brakes
Nov 01, 2003

Is a front-wheel drive car with anti-lock brakes safer than an all-wheel drive car without ABS?

Dear Car Talk

My girlfriend who lives in Maine insists that her all-wheel-drive Subaru is safer in the snow than my Buick LeSabre with front-wheel drive I maintain that my Buick has anti-lock brakes which makes it safer than her car Who is...

safety features safety ABS AWD front-wheel drive

Aug 01, 2002

What is "limited slip differential"?

Dear Car Talk

I'm planning to buy a new Toyota RAV and I know I want all-wheel drive and an anti-lock braking system We'll mostly use it on-road but sometimes we have to drive in snow and ice in the winter and up...

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Mar 01, 2002

You might not need an SUV for snowy conditions when an all-wheel drive vehicle would do just as well...or better.

Dear Car Talk

I work for an employer who is trying to decrease the number of four-wheel-drive vehicles driven by employees The nature of our work is crisis-oriented child protective services requiring that the staff drive in all weather conditions including snow The...


Oct 01, 2000

Does AWD perform better on an automatic versus a manual transmission?

Dear Car Talk

I've been leasing Subaru Legacy wagons for the past five years My lease is up this month and I intend to lease yet another Legacy wagon However I'm getting older and I am considering an automatic transmission instead of my...

AWD manual transmissions Subaru Legacy

Mar 01, 2000

4WD, AWD, front/rear-wheel drive for winter driving? How about "traction control"?

Dear Car Talk

I've been thinking about buying a new car and one of my big concerns is performance in the snow I'm looking for a full-sized car but I'm confused about whether I should be looking for all-wheel drive front-wheel drive or...

winter AWD 4WD front-wheel drive rear-wheel drive snow tires

Jan 01, 1999

Can I convert my AWD car to front-wheel drive during the 6 months of the year with good weather?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Subaru Outback As you know this is an All-Wheel Drive vehicle in which the four-wheel drive mode is always on I got a flat tire soon after I bought the car While checking the owners manual for...

AWD fuel economy front-wheel drive DIY

Mar 01, 1998

Can you recommend a small AWD vehicle for my petite wife?

Dear Car Talk

I'm about to purchase a new vehicle primarily for my wife's use She has no interest in being involved in the purchase decision but will be the first to let me know if I've made a mistake after the fact...

buying AWD

Oct 01, 1995

Can you recommend a vehicle that will be able to handle Lake Tahoe snow?

Dear Car Talk

I recently moved to Lake Tahoe California to be with my fiance I drive an ' Dodge Colt which has been a great car but I believe I need something better suited to the ice and snow as well as...

SUVs AWD 4WD winter 1995

Dec 01, 1991

"All Wheel" versus "Four Wheel" drive.

Dear Car Talk

My driveway is quite steep and I have an old beat-up four wheel drive truck that I use to get in and out of it in the winter when there's snow or ice on the ground I also have a...


Jan 01, 1991

Four-wheel drive vs. steering

Dear Car Talk

Marilyn says she's not the best snow driver and she's looking for a new car with either four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Tom and Ray explain her options.

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