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Apr 01, 2002

Does buying a car with anti-lock brakes mean I won't be able to do my own brake repair?

Dear Car Talk

I have been a do-it-yourselfer for many years now None of the cars I presently own has anti-lock brakes But I will have to buy a new car soon and most of the cars I am considering come with ABS...

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Apr 01, 2001

My brakes are locking and I fishtail whenever it's wet outside.

Dear Car Talk

I love my Ford F XL Short Bed Regular Cab pickup My heart swells every time I look at it but there is one problem that concerns me greatly Every time the truck gets wet -- even slightly -- and...

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Mar 01, 2001

Is the ABS warning light on my dash urgent?

Dear Car Talk

I'm a -year-old-plus widow who needs your help I'm much better at being a grandmother than I am at figuring out the new features of my car I have a Mercury Grand Marquis LS It's a wonderful car and has...

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Jan 01, 2001

Is it a big deal when the ABS light on my dash lights up?

Dear Car Talk

The yellow ABS Antilock Braking System light on my Honda Accord's dashboard is on I took it to my mechanic and asked him to check it out He told me it's going to be a big deal to find the...

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Sep 01, 2000

What is the right way to bleed off excess hydraulic fluid?

Dear Car Talk

I need to do a brake job on my Mercury Grand Marquis and I want to know the correct procedure for bleeding off the excess hydraulic fluid Some mechanics have said that when you depress the caliper piston to make...

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Jul 01, 1999

When those ABS warning lights come on, get thee to a dealership. Fast!

Dear Car Talk

I drive a ' Honda Accord EX I've owned the car since it was new and have had virtually no mechanical problems But recently the car started doing something I can't figure out Periodically the ABS light will come on...

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Jan 01, 1997

Should I spend $726 to fix the ABS on my Buick when the car still brakes just fine?

Dear Car Talk

Before my husband passed away he purchased a new Buick LeSabre in for us We have taken good care of the car and have had it repaired and serviced when necessary Now it has almost miles on it and the...


Dec 01, 1994

My husband and I have a Grand Am with anti...

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I have a Grand Am with anti lock brakes I'm wondering how I should routinely brake on slippery winter roads Do I pump the brake or do I apply gentle steady pressure and if the ABS kicks...

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Nov 01, 1994

There's been all this hype about anti-lock brakes I understand...

Dear Car Talk

There's been all this hype about anti-lock brakes I understand that they pump themselves automatically to prevent the tires from locking up When I'm driving on slippery roads with anti-lock brakes do I still need to pump the pedal myself...

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Jun 01, 1994

I have a Acura Legend with Anti lock brakes ABS...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Acura Legend with Anti lock brakes ABS Last summer when I was cut off on the Jersey Turnpike I really had to hit my brakes hard Shortly thereafter my ABS warning light would intermittently flash and not...

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