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Is This Subaru Spinning its Wheels?
Mar 19, 2020

Is This Subaru Spinning its Wheels?

Dear Car Talk

A traction control light might illuminate a different problem

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Don't Spin out This Summer
Sep 04, 2019

Don't Spin out This Summer

Dear Car Talk

Traction control isn't just for winter weather

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Should This Owner Say to Heck with This Tahoe?
Sep 05, 2017

Should This Owner Say "To Heck with This Tahoe"?

Dear Car Talk

The alarming noises this Tahoe makes while driving in snow may have a simple explanation.

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does brake fluid need to be flushed
Nov 01, 2012

Is Steve Paranoid or Is His Mechanic Shy a Boat Payment?

Dear Car Talk

Steve is sure he smells a rat after his mechanic recommended that he flush out his brake lines and replace the brake fluid. Can Tom and Ray talk him down from his ledge of paranoia?

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How important is ABS
Feb 01, 2011

How important are anti-lock brakes?

Dear Car Talk

My 17-year-old niece is interested in a 2007 Toyota Matrix, but it does not have anti-lock brakes (ABS). She may be heading to college in a place where it snows. Is it critical to have ABS brakes? Should this be a...

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Prius braking ABS system
May 01, 2010

Is the interrupted braking sensation on Betsy's Prius really "normal"?

Dear Car Talk

Every time I am braking and go over a bump in our 2008 Prius (a frequent occurrence in hilly San Francisco), the anti-lock braking system kicks in. The problem is that when it does so, it feels like the brakes disengage...

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which is the better feature in the snow front-wheel drive or anti-lock brakes
Nov 01, 2003

Is a front-wheel drive car with anti-lock brakes safer than an all-wheel drive car without ABS?

Dear Car Talk

My girlfriend who lives in Maine insists that her all-wheel-drive Subaru is safer in the snow than my Buick LeSabre with front-wheel drive I maintain that my Buick has anti-lock brakes which makes it safer than her car Who is...

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should you pump brakes or apply gentle constant pressure on a snowy road stop
Feb 01, 2003

Should you pump the brakes in snow, or apply steady pressure?

Dear Car Talk

Last weekend my fiancee and I were driving to the school where she teaches in central Indiana The back roads were still covered in mostly packed snow with some ice underneath As my fiancee approached a stop sign or turn...

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why would a car swerve on a dry road
Jan 01, 2003

Did my non-ABS brakes cause an accident?

Dear Car Talk

I know you are both big fans of the Toyota Camry so I'm hoping you can help I have a Toyota Camry LE with miles on it Last week I had the front brakes replaced at a Toyota dealership I...

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Aug 01, 2002

The ABS on my '98 Chevy pickup is engaging at the wrong time. Have you heard abut this problem?

Dear Car Talk

My Chevrolet pickup seems to have a defect as far as the anti-lock brakes go The system activates on dry pavement at a slow gradual stop percent of the time I know of four other people in the same town...

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