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Throttle body
Nov 07, 2017

Is Mechanic's Throttle Body Recommendation Legit?

Dear Car Talk

Gary's dealer wants to service the throttle bodies on both of his Toyotas. Is it legit or b-o-o-o-o-gus?

dealers Toyota 4Runner 2007

Knock Sensor Can Be a Costly, but Necessary, Pain to Repair
May 30, 2017

Knock Sensor Can Be a Costly, but Necessary, Pain to Repair

Dear Car Talk

When opportunity knocked, it was the opportunity to spend over two grand on a knock sensor replacement. Is there a cheaper repair option for William's 4Runner?

sensors Toyota 4Runner 2005

why does hitting the blower motor on my AC fix it when it's stuck
Oct 06, 2016

This 4Runner's Blower Motor is a Whack Job

Dear Car Talk

Dale's Toyota 4Runner has a blower that sometimes needs a solid whack to get working. Should he replace it, or just smack it a while longer?

blower motors air conditioning DIY Toyota 4Runner 2007

can i swap in my full size spare as a 4th new tire
Sep 15, 2016

Should An Old Spare Tire Handle Regular Tire Duty?

Dear Car Talk

Gary and Patty plan to use their old full-size spare on their 4Runner, but should they plan its retirement party instead?

tires Toyota 4Runner 2007

does my power steering rack and pinion really need to be replaced
Jun 30, 2016

The 4Runner that's not 4turning

Dear Car Talk

Winter is coming, and Luis finds that it's a stark reminder that he'll have steering problems. But is his mechanic giving him a snow job?

steering Toyota 4Runner 2003

recommendations for a van for a veterinarian
Sep 01, 2003

Recommendations for an SUV/van that could be a "vet-mobile"...and my personal vehicle to boot?

Dear Car Talk

I'm looking for a vehicle to be my vet-mobile I'm a mobile veterinarian and am looking for a used SUV minivan with four-wheel drive that's durable for horrible nasty roads lots of snow and llama spit I have a fiberglass...

buying SUVs minivans Honda Element Nissan Pathfinder Subaru Forester Toyota 4Runner