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do all new cars have an acceleration lag
Nov 15, 2016

The Case of the Reluctant Renegade

Dear Car Talk

Ken's 2015 Jeep Renegade hesitates before accelerating. His dealer says "they all do that" but is Ken being sold a load of horsefeathers?

transmissions Jeep Renegade 2015

Concours d' LeMons spectators
Aug 24, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why The Concours d’LeMons Trumps Pebble Beach

Guest Bloggers

You won't find champagne flutes or canapés at the Concours d'LeMons, but if you're lucky, you just might get a hot dog roasted from the back of a tail pipe. More fun from this offbeat show, right here.

Concours d'LeMons 2015

Jan 15, 2015

Fuel Cells in Detroit: Hydrogen's Moment in the Sun

Jim Motavalli

Four automakers--Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Mercedes--showed hydrogen-based cars at the North American International Auto Show. One even drives itself.

Detroit Auto Show 2015

Acura NSX
Jan 14, 2015

Ford GT and Acura NSX

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

In keeping with a Detroit show that largely reflected the two great realities of today’s automobile business – high industry profits and cheap gas – it was only fitting that two, new supercars would formally debut.

Detroit Auto Show Acura Honda 2015

Jaguar F-Pace and Jaguar XE
Jan 14, 2015

Jaguar XE (And Jaguar F-Pace)

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

It’s moment of truth time at Jaguar Land Rover. Land Rover SUVs are selling like hotcakes, but Jaguar cars are mostly selling like old cakes left out in the rain. 

Detroit Auto Show Jaguar F-Pace Jaguar XE 2015

Buick Cascada
Jan 14, 2015

Buick Cascada

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Looking for a four seat convertible? Our blogger Jamie Lincoln Kitman thinks the Buick Cascada might fit the bill. 

Detroit Auto Show convertibles Buick Cascada 2015

1960 Honda RA271
Jan 14, 2015

Detroit Auto Show 2015: Likes and Dislikes from America’s Car Show

Guest Bloggers

Likes: Hyundai's answer to the El Camino, all the old cars. Dislikes: Misusing the word "coupe", driving with a fish tank. Detroit Auto Show highlights and lowlights, here.

Detroit Auto Show 2015

Mercedes-Benz GLE
Jan 14, 2015

Mercedes Benz GLE

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

The humongous GLE at the Detroit Auto Show, plus a few choice words for Mercedes-Benz upon the occasion of thier impending move to Atlanta. 

Detroit Auto Show Mercedes-Benz GLE 2015

Sep 24, 2014

An F-150 Near 30 MPG: Ford's Big New Winner?

Jim Motavalli

The current Ford F-150 is an ultra-popular gas guzzler. The fuel-efficient new model is a gamble. WIll it pay off?

Ford F150 2015

Jaguar Land Rover launches the Jaguar XE
Sep 18, 2014

The Jaguar XE

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Our own Jamie Lincoln Kitman saw all three hours of the Jaguar XE global launch, so you don't have to. His findings, right here.

Jaguar XE 2015