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Handling the Glare of Multiple Warning Lights
Mar 29, 2018

Handling the Glare of Multiple Warning Lights

Dear Car Talk

It's hard to tell if dual warning lights spell doom.

Subaru Outback 2007

Throttle body
Nov 07, 2017

Is Mechanic's Throttle Body Recommendation Legit?

Dear Car Talk

Gary's dealer wants to service the throttle bodies on both of his Toyotas. Is it legit or b-o-o-o-o-gus?

dealers Toyota 4Runner 2007

Switch or Bulbs to Blame for Low-Beam Outages
Sep 07, 2017

Switch or Bulbs to Blame for Low-Beam Outages?

Dear Car Talk

Ken's second Solara is just as fussy as his first with its failing HID headlights. What should his mechanic check first?

headlights 2007

Car Has Electrical Gremlins after Steering Pump Repair
Jul 18, 2017

Car Has Electrical Gremlins after Steering Pump Repair

Dear Car Talk

The car's start-up problem might be coincidence or a loose connection--but how did that happen?

steering batteries electrical wiring Mazda CX-7 2007

Is Beaten-Up Car with a Rap Sheet worth Saving?
Mar 28, 2017

Is Beaten-Up Car With a Rap Sheet Worth Saving?

Dear Car Talk

B.J.'s prodigal Silverado is home after theives used it for their getaway car, but the insurance company totalled it. Is it worth fixing?

insurance Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007

why would a car shake shiver while idling
Oct 13, 2016

The Scion with the Shimmy

Dear Car Talk

Ann's Scion tC has a case of the shakes at idle. Is replacing the spark plugs a good guess at a solution?

spark plugs repairs Scion tC 2007

why does hitting the blower motor on my AC fix it when it's stuck
Oct 06, 2016

This 4Runner's Blower Motor is a Whack Job

Dear Car Talk

Dale's Toyota 4Runner has a blower that sometimes needs a solid whack to get working. Should he replace it, or just smack it a while longer?

blower motors air conditioning DIY Toyota 4Runner 2007

should i tow a trailer with my prius
Sep 27, 2016

Weighing the Concerns of Towing a Camper

Dear Car Talk

Leonard asks if towing a camper will actually damage his Toyota Camry Hybrid. 

towing warranties Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007

can i swap in my full size spare as a 4th new tire
Sep 15, 2016

Should An Old Spare Tire Handle Regular Tire Duty?

Dear Car Talk

Gary and Patty plan to use their old full-size spare on their 4Runner, but should they plan its retirement party instead?

tires Toyota 4Runner 2007

why is my audi leaking water and flooding my carpets
Sep 08, 2016

This Frustrating Water Leak May Have a Cheap Fix

Dear Car Talk

A mysterious leak has baffled Tina and waterlogged her Audi's carpeting. What's the source of this irritating irrigation?

air conditioning leaks Audi Q7 2007