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Should This Retiree Retire an Oil Burning Civic?
Dec 14, 2017

Should This Retiree Retire an Oil Burning Civic?

Dear Car Talk

Buying new may be a good investment in longevity for the driver.

oil buying Honda Civic 2005

What's the Lowdown on This Lying Gas Gauge?
Aug 31, 2017

What's the Lowdown on This Lying Gas Gauge?

Dear Car Talk

The truth may set Mary, James, and their car's old sending unit free.

gas tanks Chevrolet Cobalt 2005

Knock Sensor Can Be a Costly, but Necessary, Pain to Repair
May 30, 2017

Knock Sensor Can Be a Costly, but Necessary, Pain to Repair

Dear Car Talk

When opportunity knocked, it was the opportunity to spend over two grand on a knock sensor replacement. Is there a cheaper repair option for William's 4Runner?

sensors Toyota 4Runner 2005

This Is One Tough Wish List
Mar 21, 2017

This Is One Tough Wish List

Dear Car Talk

Leo wants to trade his '05 Buick for a stripped down car. Can he find a car that matches his bare-bones wish list?

buying Buick LaCrosse 2005

should i ignore the thermostat in my buick
Dec 13, 2016

This LeSabre Owner Is Looking for LeSolution to Overheating

Dear Car Talk

Thomas has an overheating Buick that has stumped several mechanics. Could the culprit be something simple?

overheating thermostats Buick LeSabre 2005

are under engine covers necessary
Nov 24, 2016

Does That Piece of Plastic Serve a Purpose?

Dear Car Talk

Alex removed the plastic panel just behind his front bumper after it started dragging. Does it do something vital, or can he just soldier on without it?

DIY Acura TSX 2005

should i trade in my car or keep it until it totally dies
Oct 18, 2016

When the Car Tells You It's Time to Trade, Listen

Dear Car Talk

Is that little whisper saying "fix me" or "trade me"? Here's one story where the message is clear.

repairs trade-ins transmissions 2005

do spark plug coils need to be replaced separately from the whole plugs
Jun 23, 2016

Avoiding the time suck of a stuck spark plug

Dear Car Talk

It took Dan three and a half days to change his spark plugs because of one fussy coil pack. What turned this simple job into an epic quest for fire?

spark plugs DIY Acura 2005

why does my fan slowly stop working on long trips
May 12, 2016

Troubleshooting a Troublesome Fan

Dear Car Talk

Steve's got a Chrysler 300C with automatic temperature control--but the fan seems to be fading fast. What are his options?

fans ventilation fuses Chrysler 300C 2005

What routine maintenance is critical
Aug 13, 2015

Routine Maintenance: What Can You Skip?

Dear Car Talk

Lilian's car is due for routine maintenance, but she's on a fixed income. What's critical to her car and what can she skip? Car Talk's answer, right here.

maintenance Toyota Matrix 2005