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Jeep Grand Cherokee temperature gague is low
Oct 01, 2015

What's Causing Car to Stay Cool?

Dear Car Talk

Catherine's 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee appears to be running cold. What does Car Talk suggest? Find out here.

thermostats Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004

can backing the car into the driveway cause transmission problems
Jun 01, 2011

Today: Is Jackson's wife to blame for transmission problems?

Dear Car Talk

Something my wife does drives me crazy, and I want to get your support before pointing it out to her. Our driveway is approximately 60 feet long and uphill. It's fairly steep for three-quarters of the run, then it flattens out...

transmissions Volvo XC90 2004

when should i replace the spark plugs in my truck
Jun 01, 2011

Today: Why does Ralph's truck already need new spark plugs?

Dear Car Talk

I own a 2005 Ford F- truck with 31,000 miles that I purchased new in May 2005. A backyard mechanic told me that I should replace the spark plugs now, because if I don't, I could damage the motor, and that would cost...

spark plugs Ford 2004 2005 2006 2007

guidance on oil filter replacement for the honda cr-v
Feb 01, 2005

Update: What's being done in response to fire danger reported in 2003-05 Honda CR-Vs?

Dear Car Talk

I read your recent column about Honda's actions regarding fires in - CR-Vs Editor's note Fires were being reported immediately following oil changes due to oil from an incorrectly installed oil filter dripping on the hot exhaust Honda blames improper...

recalls repairs Honda CR-V 2003 2004 2005

recommendations for a smaller efficient suv
Nov 01, 2004

What do you know about the Hyundai Santa Fe?

Dear Car Talk

Here's my dilemma I'm a fun sporty active -year-old mom of three I've been driving a minivan for years now and I need a change I'm interested in the smaller sport utility vehicles and recently test-drove a Hyundai Santa Fe...

Hyundai Santa Fe 2004

should i worry about my cr-v catching fire even though my dealership did not alert me about the problem
Nov 01, 2004

2003-04 Honda CR-Vs are at risk of catching fire during an oil change...if your mechanic is sloppy.

Dear Car Talk

I was pretty freaked out recently to learn that more than -' Honda CR-Vs had caught fire after their first oil change I own a I called my dealership and the service manager gave me a story about fly-by-night oil-change...

safety oil Honda CR-V 2003 2004

advice on prius maintenance from an expert
Apr 01, 2004

Prius owners receive free factory scheduled maintenance for the first 36k miles.

Dear Car Talk

You answered some questions recently about whether the Toyota Prius has to be serviced at the dealer or can be serviced by an independent mechanic I want to pass on some helpful information that was omitted from your article Although...

maintenance Toyota Prius 2004

does a manual toyota matrix handle well in snow
Mar 01, 2004

Is a Toyota Matrix a good replacement for a Honda wagon?

Dear Car Talk

My dad and I rarely agree on anything and this issue is no different I really want to buy a new Toyota Matrix with a stick shift but he insists that the front-wheel-drive version which of course is the one...

Honda Toyota Matrix 2004

updated verdict on the ford focus
Feb 01, 2004

Tom & Ray remove the Ford Focus from its fecal matter list.

Dear Car Talk

couple of years we've come down pretty hard on Ford for the quality problems it had with the - Focuses RAY I mean you could say we were being picky but we thought wheels falling off air bags going off...

reviews Ford Focus 2004