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Diminished Mileage Has Many Possible Causes
Jan 30, 2018

Diminished Mileage Has Many Possible Causes

Dear Car Talk

Steve wants to rein in his Explorer's appetite.

fuel economy Ford Explorer 2003

Bad Head Gasket Can Lead to 'SOBS'
May 16, 2017

Bad Head Gasket Can Lead to 'SOBS'

Dear Car Talk

Art's BMW occasionally releases a smoke screen that would make James Bond proud. His mechanic isn't having any luck replicating the problem. What gives?

emissions gaskets fluids smoke BMW 325 2003

how will my toyota avalon do in hawaii
Nov 17, 2016

Can A Different Climate Cause Car Problems?

Dear Car Talk

After a bad experience when he shipped a truck to another climate, Jackson asks whether to risk it again. 

Toyota Avalon 2003

Ford Focus transmission and door latch problems.
Oct 05, 2016

Used Ford Focus – Buy This Year, Not That One!

Car Talk Car Complaints

Shoppers looking for a Ford Focus should avoid these years to stay away from door latch issues and failing transmissions.

doors transmissions buying used cars Ford Focus 2002 2003 2012 2013 2014

why are my brakes sticky
Sep 01, 2016

Before Dropping a Bundle on a Master Cylinder, Loosen That Booster

Dear Car Talk

Claude's Kia has braking issues. Did he spend money on the wrong parts to fix it?

Kia Sedona 2003

Honda Accord problems and complaints
Aug 09, 2016

Used Honda Accord – Buy This Year, Not That One!

Car Talk Car Complaints

The Honda Accord is a reliable used car. But some years are better than others. 

buying Honda Accord 2011 2008 2006 2003

does my power steering rack and pinion really need to be replaced
Jun 30, 2016

The 4Runner that's not 4turning

Dear Car Talk

Winter is coming, and Luis finds that it's a stark reminder that he'll have steering problems. But is his mechanic giving him a snow job?

steering Toyota 4Runner 2003

why does the air suspension system in my lincoln lag when it's cold
Mar 18, 2016

Today: What's Wrong With Bonnie's Lincoln Navigator?

Dear Car Talk

The air suspension system on Bonnie's 2003 Lincoln Navigator seems to work fine until the weather gets cold. Can Car Talk diagnose the problem?

suspension Lincoln Navigator 2003

Used GMC Sonoma ZR2 misfires
Feb 18, 2016

Can Car Talk Diagnose Ed's GMC Sonoma Mystery?

Dear Car Talk

"Well, now you know why the previous owner sold it."

electrical wiring GMC Sonoma 2003

is driveline lash in my new truck really normal
Sep 01, 2005

Does this truck have a case of "driveline-lash" or could it be something else?

Dear Car Talk

My son owns a 2003 Silverado 1500 4-wheel-drive Regular Cab Chevy truck. We hear and feel a loud clunk from the rear of the vehicle when starting from a stop. If you concentrate and go very slowly, nothing will happen, but if...

transmissions differentials Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2003