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Is Buying an Old Car a Good Idea, Even If It Is Pristine?
Jan 04, 2018

Is Buying an Old Car a Good Idea, Even If It Is Pristine?

Dear Car Talk

Your neighbor's old showroom-condition car may be a dud...or a deal.

buying repairs Buick Regal 1992

is a mismatched thermostat the reason the motor doesn't warm up
Dec 06, 2016

Why Is Mike's Ranger Not Warming up Properly?

Dear Car Talk

Mike's '92 Ford Ranger needed a thermostat, so the parts guy sold him one from a '75 Ford Pinto. It fits, but is it the reason the truck still won't warm up?

thermostats Ford Ranger 1992

Jul 01, 1992

What sedan do you recommend for someone who doesn't have a Cadillac budget?

Dear Car Talk

My question to you is about the purchase of a new car I've heard you recommend the Cadillac STS as well as the Lexus LS But frankly even though I could afford it I have trouble paying that kind of...

buying sedans 1992

Apr 01, 1992

Which truck would you buy?

Dear Car Talk

If you had to buy an extended cab four wheel drive pick up truck which would you choose from this list Toyota Nissan Chevy S- Dodge Dakota Ford Ranger My main concerns are quality price handling and looks Paulo RAY...

buying trucks Chevrolet S-10 Dodge Dakota Ford Ranger Nissan Toyota 1992

Apr 01, 1992

Luxury sedan recommendations.

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Cadillac Seville which has been anything BUT reliable Now I've heard that there's a brand new Cadillac Seville and that it's much improved The problem is I've heard that line before and I don't want to...

luxury vehicles sedans 1992

Dec 01, 1991

Mercedes doesn't trust Tom and Ray.

Dear Car Talk

The time has come for me to buy a new car After looking at many cars and reading Consumer Reports I've narrowed it down to the Lexus SC and the Mercedes-Benz SL I can afford either one but I don't...

Lexus SC 400 1992