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Leaky High Mile Miata Needs Low-Buck Repair
Mar 08, 2018

Leaky High Mile Miata Needs Low-Buck Repair

Dear Car Talk

Here's a last-ditch possible cheap fix for a leaking radiator.

radiators leaks Mazda Miata 1991

Honda Civic accelerator has a delayed response
Dec 29, 2015

Any Hope for a 1991 Honda Civic Wagon?

Dear Car Talk

Lynnette's old Honda Civic has an intermittent hesitation problem that has her mechanic stumped. Can Car Talk help?

noises check engine light Honda Civic 1991

Jul 01, 1993

In this case, your dealer is full of baloney.

Dear Car Talk

I regularly read your column and listen to your radio show and enjoy both But enough fawning and on with my question I have a Ford Escort LX which has gentle miles on the clock Over the last few months...

engines Ford Escort 1991

Sep 01, 1991

The perfect-looking car: A Saturn.

Dear Car Talk

I would like your comments on the Saturn automobile Three or four times I have seen what I thought was the perfect looking car Each time it turned out to be a Saturn It has that sporty look I like...

Saturn 1991

Sep 01, 1991

The nature of the beast.

Dear Car Talk

I read with interest your recent advice against shifting from Drive to Neutral with automatic transmissions My problem is that there is a very noticeable vibration in the car when I'm stopped at a light and the car is idling...

engines motor mounts Toyota Camry 1991

Jun 01, 1991

Test drive results: '91 Suzuki Sidekick JLX

Dear Car Talk

a car that really surprised me TOM What happened You got it from me and the gas tank wasn't empty RAY No It's a car that I wasn't expecting to like at all and I ended up liking it very...

Suzuki Sidekick 1991

May 01, 1991

Patrick's a Ford Man. But what about his engine?

Dear Car Talk

In your series on the ten best cars of you rated the Ford F- as the best pickup truck on the market You did not mention however which engine you prefer for that vehicle The liter straight six and the...

Ford F150 1991