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This Old Benz Needs Grounding
Sep 27, 2018

This Old Benz Needs Grounding

Dear Car Talk

A simple bad connection may be part of a frustrating power issue

electrical wiring batteries Mercedes-Benz 1979

Oct 01, 1993

Get used to that '79 Corolla, it may never die.

Dear Car Talk

I have a problem with my car that I have never seen addressed in your column before I drive a Toyota Corolla that I bought new years ago The problem I am having is that I can't get it to...

Toyota Corolla 1979

Jun 01, 1992

Where do we begin to look for the source in our leaky Chevette?

Dear Car Talk

My son purchased a Chevette for from a friend at school The body is in fair shape and so is the interior The motor is another story We discovered a water leak in the area of the fuel pump It...

leaks Chevrolet 1979

Nov 01, 1989

When your car is like a fine wine...

Dear Car Talk

My Rotary Engine Mazda RX has over miles and has never had a problem In fact the older it gets the better it seems to run and the less oil it consumes At some point I assume the engine will...

Mazda RX-7 1979