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This Old Friend Won't Stop Smoking
May 08, 2020

This Old Friend Won't Stop Smoking

Dear Car Talk

Smoking valve seats need some time to seat properly

engines oil repairs MG 1952

1952 Cadillac
Aug 21, 2018

Why I Love the 1952 Cadillac

Jim Motavalli

The 1952 Caddy, with its funky fins, was the epitome of postwar optimism and style. It was also the year I was born, so I'm prejudiced.

Cadillac 1952

Apr 22, 2016

The Buick Woody That Needed a Lift

Jim Motavalli

The classic wood-paneled wagon went in the garage for a few repairs--and stayed for 40 years. But it was "Dad's car."

Buick 1952

should i spend the money to restore a 1952 mgtd i finally inherited
Dec 01, 2007

Should Tom dive in and restore the family heirloom sports car?

Dear Car Talk

OK perhaps life begins at 50 with a 55-year-old sports car. My brother Eddy (No. 3 out of six), acquired this wonderful chick magnet of a car back in 1964. My parents swear that the only reason they assented to the purchase of...

restoration classic cars MG 1952