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Staff Blog | Nov 04, 2014

Daily Cartoon: Bonus Tom Magliozzi Edition by David Sipress
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The Boston Globe

Dear Ray,
I read with sadness of the death of your brother Tom.  As you are well aware, the two of  you have brought so much joy to so many listeners.  I thought I would share a truly poignant moment I experienced with my husband, who has early onset, but fairly progressed Alzheimer's. (I did not realize that your brother had this diagnosis as well.) I was driving and and we were listening to your show a few months ago. It had been quite some time since Bob and I had been able to share real communication, let alone humor, together. But you guys really nailed it, and Bob and I looked at each other and burst out laughing--he really got it!  It was a touching moment for me, and then I inattentively crashed into the car in front of me!  You know what?  It was well worth it. Thank you for the laughter.
Fond regards and so very sorry for your loss both now and over the last years.

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I always loved listening to Car Talk on Saturdays, I laughed, learned something about cars and enjoyed the back and forth between Tom and Ray. When we were in the car my seven-year-old daughter called them "The Laughing Guys." We would play a game to see how long it would take before Tom would laugh. Answer -- not very long! And then we would laugh too. I'm really sorry for your loss, but thank you for the great memories.
Beverly, MA

All Things Considered, NPR
  • Popular 'Car Talk' Co-Host Tom Magliozzi Dies at 77. NBC Nightly News
  • Tom Magliozzi of NPR’s Car Talk dies at 77. Hemmings Motor News
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When I turned the calendar page to November the day before yesterday, I saw a note that I had wisely written to myself months before: "Click & Clack recommend Nokia Hakellipita snow tires." So when I buy my snow tires this month, they will be the Tom Magliozzi Memorial Snow Tires. I'm sure Tom's already up there crackin' up God and the saints. Thanks for the good advice and the millions of laughs, Tommy.
Kathy Kosko
Erie, PA

We never actually called in to Car Talk. But we listened to Tom and Ray the way some people listen to televangelists, waiting for nuggets of divine wisdom that applied to our exact situation. We always hoped that Click and Clack would tell us we didn’t need to spend as much money as we’d been quoted, or, better yet, that we didn’t need to replace the part at all.
-- Mike Riggs, Slate

I discovered Car Talk while living in NYC. Even though I have no car, I looked forward to the banter and laughter that the show brought every week. Tom's humor and wit will live on forever, thanks to modern technology. Hope there's a well-tuned Fiat waiting up there.
Astoria, NY

I'm utterly heartbroken. I hope this doesn't mean that the "Dewey, Cheetham & Howe" sign will leave Harvard Square -- it should become a historic marker. In honor of Tom Magliozzi, who gave us countless hours of laughing until we cried, we will donate our Honda to NPR/WBUR. It's the least we can do!
Karen H.
Cambridge, MA

-- Why so many people loved Tom Magliozzi’s storytelling, Poynter.

When I was in a period of grief from the passing of one of my own family members, I will never ever forget thinking that I would never feel like laughing again. But I did. One Saturday morning, the radio was on and I was listening to Car Talk--I can't remember what the brothers were discussing, but Tom of course started laughing--and I couldn't help myself. I smiled and then I laughed, and Tom was laughing with me. Tom gave me my laughter back. I will miss you, Tom. You gave much to this world.
Collinsville, IL

Tom, you brought me so much joy and laughter on your radio show. You and Ray were also wonderful teachers on the radio. I know nothing about cars, but when I was responsible for my very own, you and Ray helped me figure out what to listen to and how to communicate it to the person who could fix the problem. As a young woman with a car, you gave me the confidence to deal with others in the car world. You have always been like family to me. You were the crazy, yet helpful uncle that was able to give you that advice that nobody else could give. You have made me a better person, and I will always be grateful for that. I wish you peace and am sending all my love to your family. Thank you for always being there for me. May NPR forever play your show's reruns so you will always be there for other young drivers! Love for you always.
Wallingford, CT

What made the show so appealing for me wasn't the knowledge of all things automotive (which was vast!), but rather the wonderful relationship between Tom and Ray.The laughter, the banter, the teasing, the harmonizing (seriously, did you hear them sing!!!??) -- only brothers who love each other deeply could do that week after week. You two have been a gift to so many listeners for many years. Thank you for sharing yourselves with all of us. May God bless the family with comfort and peace.
Sister T
Albany, NY

I've never once met you Tom, but listening to your show felt like spending time with an old friend. Thank you for years of advice, some good, some not, but always from the heart. Thank you for reminding us that everything gets better if you just laugh. But most of all, thank you for just being yourself Tom.
Mike Roell
San Diego, CA

Besides admiring your impressive knowledge of cars and quick wit, the love, mutual respect and appreciation you had for one another was what really made the show special. Thank you for generously sharing that with your listeners.
Lia Alexopoulos
Chicago, IL

The Story of Stuff

So deeply saddened to hear of Tom's passing. The first time I heard the show, I was cleaning out my grandmother's house after her death. I was all by myself and the brothers' banter -- and Tom's laughter -- kept me moving along and from crumbling into a heap on the floor. So appreciative of the joy you've shared.
New York, NY

Rest in Peace Click or Clack. Whichever one you were.
Monument, CO

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These guys could have been reading the phone book and I'd still tune in. It's a tribute to them, especially because I am really not that interested in vehicle repair. But the show was so much more than that.  He gave me so much to laugh about!
Steve Lipman
Foster City, CA

Just thought you should know, I think Tom interceded on my behalf… Today the brake lights in my ‘92 Volvo wagon suddenly and miraculously worked. Been trying to diagnose for over a week. This happened immediately before I heard the sad news. Call me when Tom is up for canonization, I'll tell them he miracled me out of alotta hassle and maybe even a ticket. In memoriam,
Santa Fe, NM


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