What Is Car Talk Grateful for This Thanksgiving?

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Staff Blog | Nov 26, 2015

What are we thankful for this Thanksgiving? We took a quick poll at Car Talk Plaza and here's what we found out:

I'm thankful that my wife coughed up the $35 to pay for AAA this year, because I've had my Buick Roadmaster wagon towed out of harm's way twice. Maybe it's time to buy a car from this millennium.
-- Craig Fitzgerald

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(Craig Fitzgerald)

I’m thankful the wild urban turkeys haven’t taken revenge on my car (yet)!
--Kieran Lindsey

Kieran is Car Talk's Automotive-Wildlife Guru.

Wild turkey. (Juhan Sonin)

I’m grateful that my car is sitting in my driveway this Thanksgiving, rather than in a 20-mile backup on the Mass Pike.
--David "The Calves of Belville" Greene

I'm thankful that my kids are now safely off to college and never wrecked my Tom-clone 1963 Dodge Dart convertible. One of them did manage to "customize" the doors on the family Buick Regal, though.
--Jim Motavalli

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(Alexandra Cavoulacos, Flickr)

I’m thankful I share a car with a woman who believes a gas tank below half-full is DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO EMPTY. I never have to fill that thing up.
--Ian Chillag

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I'm thankful for an awesome writing partner (Dr. Sip), a warm cat on my lap, my husband, and my three-year-old who coined the term, "boat-ercycle." Rhymes with motorcycle. It's not a jet ski - that was my first thought, and my mistake. It's a motorcycle that swims and she wants one for Christmas. What am I supposed to do with that?
--Melissa McCue-McGrath, CPDT-KA

Melissa is one half of Car Talk's FIDO Blog.

I am thankful for MY Car Talk blog writing partner, Melissa,...and that the nightmare I had last week that someone had horribly vandalized my Honda CRV was just a terrible dream.  Drove to work the next morning admiring how all of "Ruby's" parts were still where they are supposed to be.
--Dr. Sip Siperstein

Sip is also one half of Car Talk's FIDO Blog. At press time, there is no third half.

What Sip means to say is she's grateful this isn't her car.

My dog is thankful that cars have windows he can press his nose against. I'm thankful for the invention of windex wipes.
--Connie Brichford

I'm thankful that they still carry parts for my '66 Buick at almost any auto supply store, because it tends to need a lot of them.
--Jim Travers

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Owning a 1985 Saab 900 Turbo, I have been, am now, and will forever be thankful for Zip Ties!
--Jim Hanna

Jim writes for Car Talk & Car Talk Auto News

The stuff dreams are made of.

I'm thankful I get to read while somebody else does the driving!
--Trish Anderton

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I’m thankful for my nice, new 2015 Golf TDI… and that black lung is largely curable now.
--Doug "the Old Gray Mare"

I'm grateful that Volkswagen has agreed to extend the loan of their e-Golf to a full whole year from the six months they'd originally offered. I'm still loving it, and I suspect they can use the good press.
--Jamie Kitman

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(Jamie Kitman)

I'm thankful that my kids have only mildly trashed my minivan since I had it detailed last week. Yes, I splurged and had someone scrape off all of the ground-in goldfish and spilled juice, 'cause I'm fancy like that.
--Catherine "Frau Blucher" Fenollosa

I drive a minivan. I'm always thankful to arrive somewhere and walk away from it. One day, I swear, I will not go back.
--Tom Bodett

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I'm thankful that people are still listening to our mediocre show!
--Ray Magliozzi

What are you thankful for? Post it in the comments! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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