We Got an Ice Resurfacer!

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Staff Blog | Jun 22, 2014

The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program just got a &*$^%  Ice Resurfacer!

As some of you know, Car Talk runs a vehicle donation program, that allows NPR listeners and PBS viewers to turn their old cars into the programs they love.

We’ll take anything, too! In the past, we’ve gotten motorhomes, motorcycles--even boats. (Though we are waiting for our first aircraft carrier. Hint, hint.)

And now--no kidding--someone gave us an ice resurfacer. More precisely, America’s only street-legal ice resurfacer , donated to our pals at Minnesota Public Radio by Daniel Bourgeois, a.k.a., “Icemaker Dan.”

Driver not included.

What we want to know is…

What would YOU do if someone gave one to YOU?

We know, it’s June. Not really ice-making season. But use your imagination!

In a few sentences, tell us what you’d do with your very own ice resurfacer. Or better yet, draw, paint, or Photoshop a picture for us. Post it right here in the comments, or to our page on Facebook.  We’ll share our favorite suggestions all week long.

And, next week, the staff here at Car Talk Plaza will pick our favorite answer. The winner will receive a (very nearly) worthless box of Car Talk Shameless Commerce junk.

Drive it to the Moon. (Anonymous Car Talk Web Lackey)


Q. What kind of person would give away a perfectly good ice resurfacer?
A. Devoted Minnesota Public Radio member and real mensch Daniel Bourgeois, for one! Daniel lives in Minneapolis, and is the owner of Cold Rod Transportation Company, an ice resurfacer repair shop.

Q. What’s actually going to happen to the ice resurfacer?
Like every vehicle that comes in to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, it’ll be sold for top dollar, and Minnesota Public Radio can use the proceeds to help pay for more great programming, including national shows like All Thing Considered and Fresh Air, along with great local shows like Daily Circuit, and Wits.

Q. I am inspired by his generosity! But there’s a problem: I don’t own an ice resurfacer.
A. Not to worry! Our Vehicle Donation Program will take anything with wheels--your car, your truck, your motorcyle-- even an errant space shuttle.

Vehicle donation is a great way to help out your local station, score a tax deduction, and tidy up your driveway! Find out how you can support your favorite station or program on NPR or PBS, right here.

Tow it Back to My House. (Media: Marker, paper. Artist: Henry)

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