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Staff Blog | Jan 02, 2018

Got a car problem? Want Ray's help? Send your question to our newspaper column.

Ray answers questions from Car Talk fans in a weekly column carried by 300 or so newspapers* around the country. It's the same zany humor and dubious automotive advice that you've come to expect from our lousy show, but in print! (You can also find the column right here on our website.)

Great questions usually include:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Description of the problem: Try to keep it to 350 words or fewer-- we've got a short attention span!
Got a car question? Send it in!

Where does he find the time, with his busy schedule of avoiding the office, taking long naps and even longer cappuccino breaks? That's a great question! But good luck getting him to it in the paper;  we Web Lackeys have been asking for years! We suggest you try asking about something else, such as a problem with your car.

Send us a question!

*Note from the editors: For those of you too young to remember newspapers, those are the things we used to roll up and use to swat flies. They also make great bird cage liners, and are indispensible for puppy training purposes.

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