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Staff Blog | Aug 05, 2014

We asked you, our ever-alert, ever-hilarious fans to send us the signs you saw on your road trips and on your daily commutes. And boy did you deliver. Check out the full gallery of signs, right here.

After the due and careful deliberations, our staff picked their favorites, and now we’re turning it back over to you to tell us which one made you snort your double half-caf espresso out your nose and onto your screen.

Scroll down to see the contenders, then cast your vote! Paul Murkey, from Murkey Research, is standing by to count your votes. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, August 15.

From Dave.
Don't operate a business like my brother. (Submitted by Larry)
(Submitted by Tiffany)
(Submitted by Jerry in Las Vegas)
(Submitted by Don)
(Submitted by Betsey)
Everyone loves a bargain! (Submitted by multiple alert fans)
(Submitted by Sophia)
(Submitted by Eric in Sioux City, IA)
(Submitted by Bill in Geauga County, Ohio)
(Submitted by David)
Some of you seem to love this one, for some reason! (Submitted by many)
And the sign that started it all!

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