Tom and Ray Saved the Day!

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Staff Blog | Jul 18, 2014

We were downright stunned to read Suzanne Clores's letter to Tom and Ray in the Huffington Post this week.

Every now and then, it turns out, Tom and Ray get something right. And with the kind of timing that makes Carl Jung's theory of synchronicity practically a slam dunk!

This was one of those moments, and this time, it really mattered. In fact, it saved Suzanne, her friend, and their canine companion from certain discomfort, at best, and passing through the digestive systems of vultures, at worst.

It all happened on a midday trip through Death Valley National Park back in 1994.

Here's the part where Tom and Ray unknowingly came to Suzanne's rescue:

I turned on the radio and searched for a station in an act of sheer poseur-dom. I needed to do something redeeming, and tried to act unsurprised when a radio station actually came in. It was a public radio station, but the people talking didn't sound like your typical public radio types. They had Boston accents, and were talking about cars. Of course, the voices belonged to the two of you.

You were taking calls, and the gentleman on the line had asked a question about, of all things, overheated cars.

"What can you do?" he had asked. My friend and I didn't say anything for fear of jinxing the already ludicrous moment. She turned the volume up.

I don't remember your exact wording dear brothers, but it was something along the lines of, "You know, it's a funny thing. You wouldn't expect this to work, but if your battery is still alive, turn the heat on, and turn it on high. In a sense, you trick the car into thinking it's cold, and so it starts to cool down internally."

Read the rest of her Huffpo piece, right here.

P.S. Suzanne, we’re glad you didn’t happen to tune in during one of those shows when we were spending 15 minutes discussing creme rinse conditioner.

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