Subaru Recalls a Few Million Cars Because of Fabric Softener?

Staff Blog

Staff Blog | Mar 04, 2019

Subaru is recalling as many 2.3 million cars due to a flaw in the brake-light switch. According to the Wall Street Journal (article behind paywall), common chemicals found in products like fabric softener, shampoo, and other household products can emit a gas that may seep into the switch and cause it to fail. While the brakes will still work just fine, the car behind you will be embedded in your trunk before the driver realizes you've even slowed down. On the plus side, your brake pedal will be static-cling free!

Finally, the excuse we've all been waiting for to drop laundry and showering from our personal to-do lists!

Doing laundry is a hazard to the motoring public!

If you've got a Subaru Impreza, Crosstrek or Forrester from 2008-2017, check your VIN on Subaru's recall information page, to find out if your car is included in the recall.

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