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Staff Blog | Dec 17, 2013

By Trish Anderton

Bike helmets have been a fantastic, life-saving innovation.
But, as a fashion statement, they’re right up there with Crocs. (Unless you’re Mario Batali, that is.) In fact, we hear the FDA is considering licensing some of them as contraceptives.
The fact is, despite sleek designs, bike helmets are still highly uncool. Not only do you look like a dork when you’re riding, but, by the time you get where you’re going, you have so many ridges in your forehead you could go undercover on a Klingon warship.
Instead of just whining about bike helmets like the rest of us, these two young Swedish designers decided to reinvent protection for your noggin. And, in the process, they’ve made sure that your glorious tresses can once again ripple in the wind like James Dean’s.
Here’s what they’ve done.

They’ve built head protection that looks like a scarf – which magically inflates just like a conventional airbag, should you find yourself kissing the hood of an errant SUV.

The Hovding inflatable bike helmet. (Image courtesy of
The Hovding inflatable bike helmet. (Image courtesy of

It took Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin seven years to develop their helmet—all the while being told it was an impossible dream. All they had was a great idea and the confidence to pursue it … and their belief that, as one of them remarks, “It’s chicken to be a realist!”

We think their attitude, and their results, are pretty darned cool. You can check out the Hovding helmet right here, where it sells for an admittedly not-tiny 399 euros ($549).

Hovdings in action. (Image courtesy of
Hovdings in action. (Image courtesy of

Here’s our question for you—okay, two questions.
Would you wear one?

And, how much would you pay to wear a fashionable bike-friendly airbag?

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