Pothole Season: Where Does the Pavement Go?

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Staff Blog | Mar 22, 2014

It's pothole season! That season between winter and spring, where you might bend a rim, then bust your shocks, then fall into the center of the earth-- all on your way to work.

In honor of pothole season, we’re sharing one of our all time favorite calls, from Sara in Hoboken, NJ. She wants Tom and Ray to solve a mystery, one of the greatest conundrums of all time: Where does that asphalt go? (You know, the stuff that used to be filling the space inside that giant hole you just drove through.)

Listen to her question right here.

(Cheryl Lightfoot)

It’s classic Car Talk, in our humble opinion, including….

  1. A bogus theory. (Ray claims that potholes are formed by unscrupulous scientists, who like the grave robbers of old, dig these holes in order to do important asphalt research.)
  2. A rant from Tom. (He rails about the politics of potholes. If we can put a man on the moon, can we not figure out how to prevent potholes in the first place?)
  3. A semi-plausible theory. (Only at the very end of the call.)

You’ll just have to listen for yourself. Not buying Ray’s medicine? Try this version instead from Jim Motavalli. (Spoiler alert: he mentions physics.)

Here’s our question for you:

What do you think of Tom and Ray’s answer? Let us know below!

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