Outed: Our 500,000th Facebook Fan

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Staff Blog | Feb 28, 2014

We had our Chief of Research, Paul Murkey at Murkey Research crunch the numbers and we've identified our 500,000th fan.

Condolences to Jeremy Lyons, resident of Our Fair City, Cambridge, MA.

Jeremy, you're officially outed as a Car Talk fan. Your best days are behind you, pal.


"Liking" Car Talk might not have been such a swell idea, eh, Jeremy?

What does our 500,000th fan have to say for himself? We cornered Jeremy and got him to talk, after Tom and Ray threatened an ad-hoc transmission rebuild on his Honda Pilot.

Car Talk: Jeremy, admit it -- you were slacking off from work when you "liked" our lousy little page, right?

Jeremy: I'm self-employed, so you could say I was at work but realistically, I was just killing time on Facebook. Thinking, maybe, about working.

Car Talk: Something Tom and Ray have been thinking about for nearly three decades! Our kind of fan! How much time have you wasted with us?

Jeremy: Only a few minutes, so far. But I don't consider a good laugh wasted time…. and I am looking forward to Car Talk "wisdom" (yeah -- I stretch the term, I know) on my FB feed.

Car Talk: Thanks Jeremy!  In honor of this milestone, we're sending you a small token of our appreciation. Don't be selling it on eBay, okay?

Jeremy: There goes that idea. Thanks guys. I guess it might come in handy if I ever knock the mirror off my car.

Pedestal not included.

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