Lame Joke: The Baseball Game

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Staff Blog | Apr 06, 2018

Two old friends, Sam and Bob, are baseball fanatics. They live and breathe baseball, they attend 60 games a year, the local bartender calls them to answer disputes regarding statistics, they have attended every World Series game since 1960. They are getting older and one day, Sam says to Bob. "If you die before I do, will you let me know, if they play baseball in Heaven. I'll do the same for you if I die before you do." Bob agrees.

Two days later Bob passes away in his sleep.

Sam comes home from the funeral and lays down for a nap, he's really tired. He drifts in and out of sleep. Suddenly, there's a heavenly voice saying "Sam! Sam!"

Sam is startled awake and asks, "Is that you, Bob?"

Bob answers, "Yes, Sam it's me."

Sam asks, "So, tell me Bob, do they play baseball in heaven?"

Bob replies "Sam, I've got good news and bad news, what do want to hear first."

"The good news first, Bob." Sam says.

Bob replies with "Okay, Sam, the good news is they play baseball in heaven, and the bad news is that you're starting the game tomorrow evening."

This week's Lame Joke courtesy of John Keplinger. Heard better? (Or worse?) E-mail us.

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