Holiday: Lame Joke!

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Staff Blog | Dec 16, 2019

This one is from our archives.

Krusty the mechanic has been caught in a terrible snowstorm on his way home from one of his suspicious road trips that we know better than to ask about. It's Christmas Eve, he's hundreds of miles from home and the conditions are deteriorating, so he pulls into a diner parking lot, figuring some food and coffee wouldn't hurt him while he waits out the storm a bit.

Predictably, the place is empty, so Krusty has his choice of tables. He picks a booth by the window. The waitress is festively decked out in a jingle-bell necklace, reindeer-antler headband, and ornament earrings, with a nametag that reads: Dolores. "What can I get for ya, hon?" Dolores asks.

"I'll have a cup of coffee, and how are the Eggs Benedict?"

Dolores assures him they're fantastic, and says the cook makes everything in-house, so Krusty puts in his order.

The food comes out pretty darn quick (hardly surprising since the's the only customer in the place). As Dolores comes over with the tray, he notices something strange: The food looks fantastic, but his whole meal is resting on something shiny. As she gets closer, he sees it's a hubcap. "I'm sorry to ask, but why are my eggs on that hubcap?"

Dolores smiles knowingly, "Well, it's like they always say. There's no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise."

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