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Staff Blog | Mar 03, 2020

Thought you'd missed your chance to ask Ray a car question? Not so fast.

Ray broke the padlock on the studio door and is sneaking in next week to answer a few car questions. Is your Accord making a scary noise? Your spouse getting ready to cash in their IRA for a vintage Dodge Charger? Wondering about the deleterious effects of cream rinse? If you think Ray may actually be able to help, give him a call!

Leave a message at ‪(617) 876-6632‬ between now and Monday, March 9 with a brief description of your question.

Make sure to include your name, your return phone number, and every other possible way for us to contact you.

And thanks!

P.S. Wondering what we're going to do with these calls? Nothing to report yet... But we did this back in October and got some great stuff. And if Ray gives us anything good this round, we might release them on a future bonus podcast episode (that's "bonus" not "bogus," we think!). If that happens, we'll announce it right here, so stay tuned to this space.

Here's Ray, proving he knows how to operate the phone!


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