Car Talk Pays Homage to Long-Suffering Dads Everywhere

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Staff Blog | Jun 15, 2014

Dads put up with a lot. Hey, we know! (Remember when Tom’s son wrecked his beloved Dart?) But perhaps no father has endured more than Christy’s dear old dad, Richard.

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re sharing this classic call with you. It’s a staff favorite, and we think you’ll see why.

This man is making a huge mistake.

It all started when Christy was in high school and she borrowed her father’s almost-new Chevy Citation to go see some friends at college, four hours away. (Christy, the little scamp, later revealed she was going to a party.) Thirty minutes from home, the thermostat light came on.

Unfortunately for Richard, Christy was an early devotee of the Car Talk school of automotive repair. Listen as she explains why she covered up that pesky thermostat light with some black tape she found in the glove compartment.

Tom and Ray then get her father on the phone and force an apology out of Christy, almost 15 years after the fact. As Tommy observes, “There is no statute of limitations on deception of your father!”

As if that weren’t enough, we still finds ourselves uttering an involuntary, “Aw shucks!” When Richard shows in one sentence why he’s clearly one of the best dads on the planet. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself.

We laughed, we cried, we snorted into the foam on our cappuccinos.

Hear it all, right here.

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