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Staff Blog | Mar 07, 2014

Editor's Note: Updated April 3, 2014. Scroll down for answers to the puzzle, or download them right here!

And the winner of our crossword puzzle challenge is... David Bowman of Lexington, KY!

For having his answer selected at random from all the correct crossword puzzles we got, David gets a Car Talk parking pass, and our enthusiastic congratulations. Nice work David! And thanks to the rest of you who submitted answers. And if you missed your chance to try the puzzle, you can download a copy right here.

Catch Tom and Ray's call with Will Shortz on our lousy show?  Our humble hosts forgot to ask him one important question: Why did he reject this Car Talk-themed crossword puzzle written by one of our fans?

If you missed the call, you can hear it right here. (It's segment number 4.) Puzzler fans should give this one a listen--after Tom and Ray answered Will's car question, Mr. Shortz gave them a few bonus automotive puzzlers to solve. We think they did okay!

Luckily for us, Jules Markey, the author of this puzzle (and several others that were already published in the New York Times), sent it to us after the Old Gray Lady took a pass. (Don't worry Jules, we're sure this rejection is more of a reflection on your questionable taste in radio than your talents as a crossword crafter.)

Click here to download this puzzle. (Puzzle courtesy of Jules Markey.)

The New York Times's loss is our gain. We're publishing it as a challenge to you.

"I would be delighted to have it solved by Car Talk Nation," Jules says. And so would we-- so much so, we're going to offer a small token of our esteem to one winner, who sends us a correctly solved version of this crossword.

How to Enter
1. Print out a copy of this puzzle here.
2. Submit your answers via email to or mail them to:

Car Talk Plaza
Crossword Division
Box 3500
Cambridge, MA

A correct puzzle will be chosen at random and the winner will be mailed a highly coveted prize at the discretion of our web lackeys. Include a valid mailing address to be eligible to win. Adding a $20 bill won't hurt, either.

If you get stumped, don't worry. We'll publish the answer key and announce a winner next week. (Yes, he sent us the answers too. Jules knows we never would have cracked this one on our own.)

EDITOR'S NOTE: A scanning error lopped off the clue for 9-Down. That one should be: "Librarian's censures"



Spoiler Alert: The answers!

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