Bad Jokes: A Seat Hog at the Theater

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Staff Blog | Oct 08, 2019

At a theater, the usher approaches a man who has stretched out over three seats and asks him to sit up. The man simply looks at him and says, "Uhhhh."

The usher asks again, and again the man says back to him, "Uhhhh."

The usher warns the man that he'll have to get the manager and there would be a good chance he'd be asked to leave. The man doesn't seem to care and again replies, "Uhhh."

So, the usher brings the manager over, and after several attempts to get the man to comply, the manager decides to call the police. A cop shows up and says to the guy, "Look, they've been asking you nicely to sit up and make room for other people, why are you being so stubborn?"

The guy stares at the cop and says, "Uhhh." The cop says, "Okay, buddy that's it. I'm going to kick you out of here. Now, where are you from, anyway?"

The guy replies, "Balcony... "

Jeff Pease

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