Automatic Brakes to Become Standard

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Staff Blog | Sep 14, 2015

A semi-serious note from all of us here at Car Talk Plaza.

Hey, Car Talk fans!

We drive a lot of test cars, and this technology really works. We've said in the past that every single car should have this. Apparently, NHTSA, and a bunch of carmakers now agree.

If you’re buying a new car anytime soon, make sure you get this.  It's going to save a lot of lives. Not to mention a lot of embarrassment for people who were reading a text while plowing into the back of cop car.


From all of us at Car Talk Plaza

Why are we telling you this now?

This technology has come a long way, and this week, a large group of the world’s most prominent automakers has agreed in principle to make automatic braking (often called mitigated braking in automotive circles) standard equipment across the board on all makes and models. Want to know more about this important safety feature? Our pals at Best Ride will break it down for you, right here.

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