Anti-Theft Idea We Wish We Had Thought of First

Staff Blog

Staff Blog | Mar 12, 2019

Toyota just filed a patent for something we wish we had thought of: a scent-based theft deterent. This device would use the mobile phone of whoever was entering the car to determine their identity and react accordingly, either dispensing a little spritz of the driver's preferred aroma, or blasting an unrecognized intruder with tear gas, effectively turning the vehicle into a digital whoopee cushion. (On wheels. Does this seem a bit dangerous to anyone else?)

We can't wait for this to hit production. Until it does, we'll be researching how we can hack the system to exploit its full practical joke potential. Potential targets:

  • That friend who always borrows your car and leaves the tank on E.
  • Your teen driver, after curfew.
  • Your spouse who always calls dibs on the brand new Toyota, leaving you to drive the busted old minivan.


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