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Staff Blog | Jul 03, 2014

As some of you know, Car Talk runs a vehicle donation program that allows NPR listeners and PBS viewers to turn their old cars into the programs they love.

We always said we’d take anything...and we meant it too! But nothing could prepare us for our most exotic donation to date:

A street-legal ice resurfacer, donated to our pals at Minnesota Public Radio.

In fact, we were so excited to see this unusual donation that we asked you to tell us what we should do with it.

Paging Dr. Freud: The "giant pizza" theme resurfaced several times. (Victor Valla)

And did you have suggestions for us, from the vengeful (“I would re-ice my annoying neighbor's driveway in the winter just after he finishes cleaning it”) to the civic-minded (“I’d fill it with asphalt and repave the potholes”) to the just plain bizarre, as evidenced by the above. We even got a poem!

See more of the hilarious suggestions we got on our Facebook page.

But we promised to choose a winner, and after much deliberation, our judges chose this entry from Bob Mead:

Birdbath Maintenance. (Bob Mead)

Thanks Bob, and congratulations! You are now forever tarnished by association with our lousy show.

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