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Philip Ruth

Philip Ruth | Oct 17, 2017

Philip Ruth is an automotive photojournalist and consultant who really should stop rescuing so many neglected cars on Craigslist.

Fortunately, that's not the only outlet for this San Francisco-based car nut. Weekly test cars come for review on BestRide.com and in local LGBT paper, The Bay Times.

Ruth started CarStaging.com to make sellers' cars look like rock stars. 

He also helps his clients buy cars. 

Shooting past SF traffic is his way to relax from city stress...

...and he documents the surrounding bounty of rust-free, blue-plate California cars, whether at Trader Joe's...

...or parked just off the street. 

​Junkyards are his happy place...

...and he memorializes the status symbols of yore. 

B​ut it's those cheap cars on Craigslist that keep him busiest. Like the 1986 Mercury Capri GS V6 that stirred memories of the Fox-body Mustangs in the high-school parking lot...

...only to have the temperature gauge peg to Hot on Market Street. (The engine didn't overheat, so it likely was just the sending unit.) 

​This minty 1980 Pontiac Phoenix was awoken from a garaged slumber...

...so it's no surprise its fuel system got all gunked up, which resulted in a spectacular Saturday-night breakdown at Market and Castro. 

This long-dormant 1977 Chevrolet Concours wobbled out of its resting place under its own power...

...but SF's hills put unwelcome stress on a transmission seal. 

And, this 1990 Ford Taurus LX Wagon was shaken from its years-long hibernation...

...but it wasn't going far without a new radiator. 

Ruth documents his adventures with these pre-classics, and the randomness of the candidates makes it full of possibility. As with much of his work, the question with Ruth is - what tasty nugget of automotive history will he turn up next?

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