These 'Dented' Doors Do No Good

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Aug 16, 2019

Door design makes this Jeep a mud magnet

doors design Jeep Cherokee 2017

Formula E Racing
Jul 16, 2019

Nissan Plugs in for Formula E Electric Car Racing

Jim Motavalli

At the season's last race in Red Hook, Brooklyn the first Japanese manufacturer's team to compete takes third place on the podium

Page 5 from Dodge Manual
Jul 11, 2019

Used Car Did Not Include Owners' Manual

Dear Car Talk

Greg's new 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Express came wihtout an owners' manual. Can Car Talk help?

Deep Thoughts: Why are Rental Cars' Interiors Always Black?
Jul 11, 2019

Deep Thoughts: Why are Rental Cars' Interiors Always Black?

Dear Car Talk

I've noticed that almost all rental cars have black interiors. What gives?

Hearse pulling a U-Haul trailer
Jul 11, 2019

Till Death do us Part: Driving Edition

Dear Car Talk

What can a passenger do to bring a car safely to a stop if the driver should die while driving the car on a highway?

Blue Fiat
Jul 09, 2019

Fiat Is a Four-Letter Word

Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett wrestles with repressed memories of his Worst Car Ever, a '74 Fiat-- and remembers how his conscience got the better of him when it was time to say good-bye.

Fiat 1974

What to do when a car hits an animal
Jul 08, 2019

Wildlife, Cars and How to Help

Kieran Lindsey

As wildlife and people increasingly occupy the same communities it’s inevitable we’ll run into one another now and then. In a bad way. How to help, right here.


Pile of Money
Jul 02, 2019

How Can I Find Out What my CR-V is Worth?

Dear Car Talk

Can Car Talk help Dorothy find the trade-in value of her Honda CR-V?


Ray Magliozzi in Harvard Square
Jul 02, 2019

The Car Talk Plaza Memorial Party for Tommy Came With a Plaque

Jim Motavalli

Cambridge gives Click and Clack the keys to the city. And declares it "Don't Drive Like My Brother Day."

Our Fair City

New Toyota Camry Can Do Everything except Play Cds
Jul 01, 2019

New Toyota Camry Can Do Everything except Play CDs

Dear Car Talk

This Camry treats CDs like vinyl relics

music Toyota Camry 2019