Your "Dream Car"? Depends on Where You Live

Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli | Jan 22, 2018

Americans really do make regional auto buying choices, but EVs are a wild card--almost all of us want to own a Tesla.

Santa's sleigh redesigned as a Ford Evos
Dec 20, 2017

A Makeover for Santa's Sleigh

Jim Motavalli

We heard Santa needs a new ride. For the Santamobile 2.0, the choices range from a repurposed cargo plane to an electric semi.

In Snow, All-Wheel Drive Beats Two-Wheel Drive
Dec 19, 2017

In Snow, All-Wheel Drive Beats Two-Wheel Drive

Dear Car Talk

No matter the type of drivetrain, your chances of finding traction increase with AWD.

winter electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 2017

Woman with electric car, ca. 1900
Dec 18, 2017

What We Can Learn From Our Colorful Electric Car History

Jim Motavalli

Everything old is new again, and EVs are once again heading for world domination. But they were already there in 1900, when they also posted an amazing number of historical firsts. 

electric vehicles history auto industry

Should This Retiree Retire an Oil Burning Civic?
Dec 14, 2017

Should This Retiree Retire an Oil Burning Civic?

Dear Car Talk

Buying new may be a good investment in longevity for the driver.

oil buying Honda Civic 2005

Just Say 'No' to Rustproofing
Dec 12, 2017

Just Say 'No' to Rustproofing

Dear Car Talk

Think twice before purchasing rustproofing for your new-ish car.

rust buying Toyota Corolla 2015

Lamborghini Urus
Dec 09, 2017

Top 5 “You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me” Cars

J.C. Howard

The Top 5 cars that will be torchbait in the revolution.

luxury vehicles

Honda Clarity
Dec 07, 2017

Looking for Clarity: Honda's New Plug-In Hybrid

Jim Motavalli

Seventy-three percent of Americans don't understand how a plug-in hybrid works, but Honda plans to educate them about these nifty cars that solve the range anxiety problem.

electric vehicles Honda

Alloy wheel
Dec 07, 2017

Will Alloy Wheels Improve Mileage and Handling?

Dear Car Talk

Jesada's Jetta might look better but would she notice any other changes?

wheels fuel economy Volkswagen Jetta 2013

Jim Motavalli, blogger for Car Talk, talking about electric cars
Dec 06, 2017

Our Man at the UN: The Car Blogger Talks About Self-Driving Cars

Jim Motavalli

Given a chance to talk at the UN on my favorite subject, I told the diplomats that autonomous vehicles will also be electric, and that it's critical that they be shared--not privately owned.

electric vehicles auto industry