The World's Most Expensive Celebrity Cars.

Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli | Aug 31, 2014

Judging by an infographic on high-end celebrity sports cars, as a group they lack taste. One look at Paris Hilton's hideous pink Bentley confirms that. Rapper Flo Rida painted his Bugatti Veyron a garish shade of gold, and music mogul Rick Ross did horrible things to a defenseless Maybach 57.

The 1,000-horsepower Veyron is the last word among rappers, apparently. The car starts at $1.3 million but owners like Jay-Z, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne, The Game, and Birdman (not to mention Simon Cowell) often don’t stop there and spend up to $2.7 million making them ugly. Liberace is smiling somewhere.

Oops, that's a Fisker Karma, not a Porsche 959. ( infographic is entitled the “Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Cars,” a title sure to attract attention as Internet click bait. Sure, but it needs some minor editing first. Jerry Seinfeld’s 959 Porsche may indeed belong on the list, but that's not a Porsche 959 in the photo (see above) but the now-defunct plug-in hybrid sports car known as the Fisker Karma. Both are cool designs, but still.

Also, I'd love to see evidence that Jay-Z actually owns the transcendentally garish $8 million Maybach-based Exelero, so it may not be "the world’s most expensive car owned by a celebrity." Jay-Z definitely does fetishize the car in his 2006 video for the song “Lost One,” but he reportedly borrowed it. Watch the video for yourself:

Jay-Z’s stable has some mighty fine cars, though, including a Veyron, Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, Ferrari F430 Spider, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maybach 62S and Jeep Wrangler.  Rapper Birdman almost owned the Exelero, and was quoted as saying in 2011, “They got this new Maybach that I want that costs $8 million. I gotta have it.” But apparently he never paid for the car. Who knows where it is now, and who cares--it’s hideous anyway. Built for Fulda Tires, it was in Germany last I heard.

The Maybach Exelero, a "$8 million car." It's unclear who owns it now, but who cares? It's an ugly piece of kit. (Wikipedia Commons)Here’s the infographic, with the Fisker/Porsche mistake we pointed out corrected. That really is a Porsche 959:

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