Wacky Concept Cars at the Great BIG CES Show

Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli | Jan 07, 2015

It's a given that concept cars at auto shows are attention getting and over the top, but the nuttiness factor seems to be ramped up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In many cases, cars are just showcases for high-end audio gear, like big boomboxes on wheels. And, after all, it's Vegas, home of the glitz. Not everything that happens here stays here, as this blog post attests. All photos by Jim Motavalli.

What you're looking at  here is some kind of weird VM Audio car with built in XBox and huge speakers everywhere. I'm not sure if this thing actually runs.

Mercedes-Benz led with this futuristic creation, the F015 Luxury in Motion, a self-driving car with swivel seats. But do we really want to face backwards while driving down the road? I'd get carsick.

Benz' Dieter Zetschke's talk was closely watched.

This oddball $5,974 Chinese electric car weighed 400 pounds and had a maximum speed of, ready for it, 10 mph.

This is a T Rex 16s from Campagna Motors. The three-wheeler costs $58,000, and has space for high-end audio. (Vestigial arms extra.)

TRW used a transparent car to  show off safety components, including seat belts, airbags and sensors.

This crazy thing is a Polaris Slingshot. I hear they're mad fun to drive, but not very practical as a commuter car.

Some showcars, like this Kicker Jeep, didn't bother with drivability--look at those screens blocking the windshield!

And for some odd reason, Chrysler Connect chose to publicize its wares with giant gumball dispensers. Blue mouths, anyone?

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