The Chinese Love Cars--and Celebrate Them at Big Car Shows

Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli | Nov 27, 2018

GUANGZHOU, CHINA--This was my second visit to the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, which takes up nine huge halls. No, it's not one of the best known Chinese cities--it's in the tropical south, near Hong Kong--but it's a car lover's paradise. Here are some pictorial highlights:

The Guangzhou show is full of spectacular concept cars like this one from Hongqi, but the production cars are much more conservative. (Jim Motavalli photo)
The Chinese luxury market is really hot, and all the western supercars are on stands in Guangzhou. This is the Aston Martin DB11 Volante convertible. (Jim Motavalli photo)
Inside the dB11. Pretty swanky, huh? (Jim Motavalli photo)
This is Honda's first electric car for China, the Ve-1--unveiled in Guangzhou. It goes into production in December. (Jim Motavalli photo)
Ford was showing the Mustang and Lincoln the Continental. The Mustang is a bit skimpy on rear-seat legroom, so this one isn't getting a chauffeur. (Jim Motavalli photo)
I didn't catch the robot's name. (Jim Motavalli photo)
Lamborghini had a big stand in Guangzhou. That's the new Urus SUV on the right. (Jim Motavalli photo)
Mercedes has a huge presence in China, and is on top of the luxury market with Audi. (Jim Motavalli photo)
If cars aren't luxurious enough, the Chinese market has a whole crop of outfitted vans like this Mercedes. The passenger in that thing would lack nothing. (Jim Motavalli photo)
Another wild prototype, from Wey. If it has gullwing doors, it's probably not going into production. (Jim Motavalli photo)
Part of my trip to China was taken up judging the Best Car of the Year contest for the Internet Info Agency. We drove the vehicles on a racetrack outside Guangzhou, and gave top honors to the locally built Volkswagen Tiguan. (Jim Motavalli photo)


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