An electric car from BMW at the Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 10, 2017

Self-Driving Cars? They're Here Now. And Lots More Besides.

Jim Motavalli

Bombshells and milestone on the road to autonomy at the Web Summit in Portugal. Oh, and Al Gore, too.

self-driving auto industry high-tech

An electric delivery van in Brooklyn, NY
Nov 08, 2017

Here Comes the First Big Electric Truck Fleet!

Jim Motavalli

New EV player Chanje teams with Ryder to put 125 battery-powered cargo vans on American streets. And that's just the beginning.

electric vehicles trucks

Car wheel with alternative technology to absorb shocks
Oct 30, 2017

Tomorrow's Tech: Quiet Cars with Ultra-Smooth Rides

Jim Motavalli

Here's something that will change how we drive. With QuietMotion engaged, the car's wheels move up and down but the cabin stays flat and stable. Meanwhile, Buicks are getting as quiet as Rolls-Royces.

auto industry high-tech

Mazda3 Infotainment Menu Screen
Oct 26, 2017

If You Take My CD Player Away, How About Giving Me Something Better?

Jim Motavalli

I'll change my ways and use modern infotainment systems--after they work better than my trusty in-dash CD player. 

infotainment rants

Gas-powered range extender, for towing behind an electric car
Oct 25, 2017

Hyperloops, Shared Autonomous Planes, and More in Paris

Jim Motavalli

Tiny urban EVs, shared scooters,car pooling, Uber data online, and lots of other city solutions in France's City of Lights.

alternative vehicles auto industry

Frank Lloyd Wright with his Mercedes 300
Oct 18, 2017

A Maybach Luxury Limo in Its Natural Habitat: Wall Street and Greenwich, Connecticut

Jim Motavalli

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class was face-lifted for 2018, and with it comes a new level of opulence in the top-end Maybachs.

Car hood propped open by sticks and branches
Oct 11, 2017

A Saab Story with a Happy Ending: Parts Cars Rule

Jim Motavalli

Everybody's getting rid of their derelict Saabs, and their loss is my gain.

DIY auto parts

Skateboard crash test dummy
Oct 09, 2017

Forget Dikes and Windmills--the Modern Dutch are Focused on Green Machines

Jim Motavalli

The Netherlands today is a start-up nation of electric and automated vehicle enthusiasts.

alternative energy high-tech

A yellow Autodynamics Hustler, built between 1967-68
Oct 10, 2017

This Hustler Was Racer Sam Posey's Personal Sports Car

Jim Motavalli

A Massachusetts-built fiberglass sports car on a VW chassis, the barn-find Hustler was dirty--but not like the magazine of the same name.

classic cars

Kia Rio with Maine scenery
Sep 25, 2017

Millinocket, Maine Lost Its Mill--But is Hoping for a Revival.

Jim Motavalli

Interior Maine is hard-hit as one-industry towns lose their paper mills. The adventure tourism industry--think whitewater rafting--offers an alternative, but will old-timers embrace change?

road trips Kia Rio