These Animals Will Eat Your Soul

J.C. Howard

J.C. Howard | Dec 04, 2017

Carmaker Kia is facing a class action lawsuit because some of their cars are just too delicious.

One owner of a Kia Soul, Tsvetelin Tsonev is proposing the lawsuit after rodents and other animals have made a habit of visiting his Soul and feasting on the soy-based wiring under the hood. The lawsuit would include owners and lessees of 2012-2015 Kia Soul, Sorrento, Sedona, Sportage, Forte, Cadenza, Optima, and Rio vehicles. When reached for comment local squirrels said, “Oh, thank you, I’ll have one of each please.”

Rodents not pictured. (Kia Photo)

This has been no laughing matter for Tsonev however as he has incurred more than $9,000 in repair charges, causing him to have to shell out $1,500 in deductible charges. According to reports Tonev leased a 2015 Kia Soul in April of 2015 and had the wiring damaged and replaced three times, which—despite having to foot the bill—makes perfect sense… three square meals is reasonable, even for squirrels. As a rental while that car was being repaired, he drove a 2016 Soul that allegedly experienced the same fate. 

This pair of tangled headphones in someones pocket were asked if they could comment, but simply replied, "I'm a frayed knot."

For its part, Kia denies the existence of a problem, adding that Tsonev cannot provide evidence that the wiring causes the rodents to damage the cars. One might consider teeth marks evidence enough, but alas, justice can be a fickle mistress. Car Talk’s own wildlife expert Dr. Kieran has addressed the issue and found the claim that rodents may eat the soy-based wiring to be inconclusive. But if you find rodents gnawing at your car, please do let us know…and while you’re at it, give them a slice of bread to go with it!

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