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J.C. Howard

J.C. Howard | Oct 17, 2017

J.C. Howard is a contributing blogger for Car Talk. A proud Oaklander, when it comes to cars, J.C. is as much an expert as is a person who is not very much an expert; also, he is very good with analogies.

J.C. was a Producer and Host for the cultural affairs Radio-magazine Full Circle on KPFA in Berkeley, California. You might ask, "A magazine? On the radio? What'll they think of next?!" My response: Self-driving cars. (Looking at you, Elon Musk.)

J.C. has also served as the Lead Anchor for the pilot program Sports & Politics News Update on KPFB in Berkeley, Host/Executive Producer for the Cut Down Podcast, a news & current events podcast available on iTunes, and General-assignment Reporter for NPR member station KALW in San Francisco. 

In addition to his work for Car Talk, he is also currently an Audio Editor, producing edits of the radio show "99% Invisible" that air on KALW, and is completing his Master’s at Gonzaga University (Go Zags). J.C. also serves as Social Media Manager and occasional Commentator for All-Pro Wrestling. 
He very much enjoys storytelling, writing, and participating in life! Find out more at: https://TheJCHoward.com 

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