Mini Superleggera Vision Concept

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Jamie Lincoln Kitman | Jan 14, 2015


This high-concept concept, an electric two-seat Mini representing a collaboration between BMW’s English affiliate and Italy’s venerable coachbuilder Touring, has been seen before, showing first at Italy’s Villa d’Este concours last summer, with subsequent stops at motor shows in Paris and Los Angeles. The Superleggera (which name refers to Touring’s once admired style of body construction) is a really handsome looking roadster, which proves, just in the nick of time, that such a Mini is possible. Looking at the current Mini Roadster and Coupe, you might have wondered.

Coupe (L) and Roadster (R). (MINI USA)

The sad truth is, the Mini brand has been losing its way by the hour – theirs are not really small cars anymore and a new third-generation Mini Cooper has gotten off to a lousy start in the U.S., actually selling less than the model it replaced, which is a rare feat. Some have called the new Mini Cooper incredibly ugly, which I think is an excessively harsh description, especially as it’s the one I’d use to describe the Roadster, Coupe, Countryman and Paceman models, which are far uglier. If they could figure out a way to sell a car like the Superleggera concept, it would go a long way to restoring Mini’s once and former reputation for superior design.

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