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Staff Blog | Jul 29, 2014

A note from Car Talk's Catherine “Frau Blücher” Fenollosa.

There are a few things I’ve learned over the years working at Car Talk. A cappuccino is the best way to start the morning. Never accept a ride from Tommy (driving at high speed in a tiny Italian convertible on Boston’s winding highways is nothing short of terrifying!) And don’t take life too seriously.

Tom and Ray are about to get serious. (Car Talk)

But Tom and Ray always find ways to break the rules.

After my son Henry was born and diagnosed with cancer, Tom and Ray got serious. Along with hospital visits to see Henry, home deliveries of their favorite Chinese food, and sharing much needed laughs, they put the Car Talk name behind fighting cancer.

Car Talk supports Team Henry. (Catherine Fenollosa)

On August 2nd & 3rd, Tom and Ray are once again lending their support to the Pan Mass Challenge, a 200-mile cycling ride across Massachusetts to raise money to fight cancer. Every single dollar raised goes directly to cancer research and treatment.

This year, we ride with a renewed determination to make a difference. One of our team's founding members, Henry's Uncle Nat, died in February after a courageous battle with brain cancer. And in true Car Talk fashion, Tom and Ray stood behind my family through his awful diagnosis as well.

So please join Tom, Ray and all of us here at Car Talk Plaza and consider making a tax deductible donation to the Pan Mass Challenge. You can donate online:

Support Josh Fenollosa's PMC ride              Support David Greene's PMC ride

Every single dollar raised does make a difference. Henry is living proof.

Henry is nine! (Catherine Fenollosa)


Catherine “Frau Blücher” Fenollosa

PS: You can find out more about Henry, right here and here and read more from Catherine about what the Pan Mass Challenge means to her family, right here.

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