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FIDO Blog | May 14, 2014

Car Talk is pleased to present two actual experts, who know what they're talking about...for a change. Dr. Sip Siperstein and trainer Melissa McCue-McGrath will take your questions on all things animal and automotive. Got a question for them? Great! Share it with Sip and Melissa.

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Dr. Sip Siperstein is a veterinarian at the Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital in Berkeley, California. She grew up slightly obsessed with animals, and has been known to talk to, and give names to, random wildlife. “Dr. Sip,” as she’s known to her patients and their human companions, knew even before veterinary school that she had a passion for not only dogs and cats, but also for those curious creatures we call “exotic pets”... and pet chickens. Apparently, she can’t get enough of our more unusual animal family members.

In her spare time, Sip plays the banjo (poorly), shoots target archery (less poorly), strums the ukulele (anyone can play the ukulele), does yoga (decently) and travels to whatever cool place will have her (quite well, thank you). Dr. Sip lives in Oakland, California, with her husband, two dogs, a three-legged cat, a parrot and a box turtle. Oh—and since she’s blogging for Car Talk, it’s worth pointing out that she drives a red Honda CRV named Ruby.

Melissa McCue-McGrath, CPDT-KA is a certified dog trainer who lives in the Boston ‘burbs. She grew up in a dog sledding family in rural Maine—though, she wants to point out, not so rural that they were delivering vaccines by sled. She is the author of Considerations for the City Dog, a book that puts veterinarians, dog trainers, breeders and rescue groups all at the table with dog owners to address -- and solve -- the biggest challenges faced by our urban hounds. She is the Training Co-Director of New England Dog Training Club in Our Fair City (Cambridge, MA), and has been getting paid to play with dogs for 12 years. When she’s not writing for Car Talk, or working with pet dogs, she is playing with her two-year-old daughter, Aislyn, and drinking homebrew beer with her husband, Brian. She’s a die-hard fan of the New England Patriots and lives with her family, their two cats, a fish and a snail.

Readers of Car Talk’s FIDO Blog will be sure to know when the McGrath’s get a new dog co-pilot for their Mini Cooper Countryman.

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