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| Dec 01, 2014

  • U.K. town allowing volunteers to clock speeders results in backlog. Too many speeders for police to process. May let volunteers put speeders in backyard holding cells. Auto Blog

  • Report: Toyota has 200 orders for 2016 Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car. Apparently, there are 200 people who didn’t find the Prius ugly enough. Auto Blog

  • France wants to phase out diesel-powered passenger cars. Soot found on President’s prized brie apparently to blame. Automotive News 

  • Chrysler sued for royalties by music industry. Also, for all the wrong notes hit by the Sebring. Automotive News

  • Market Turmoil: Under Pressure from Uber, Taxi Medallion Prices Are Plummeting. Newspaper columnists scramble to find ordinary joes willing to share rough-hewn wisdom about world affairs. New York Times


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