VIDEO: Florida Man Caught With Nifty Gadget to Avoid Tolls


BestRide | Jan 18, 2017

No one likes paying highway tolls. They used to be at least a little fun when you could still pay with change and test your skills throwing the money into the basket while slowing down as little as possible. It added a little challenge to the day. Now, tolls are nothing but boring ways for the man to take your money. One guy in Florida had enough and came up with a clever and entirely illegal way of keeping his money in his pocket.

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Orange County resident Joshua Concepcion West is now facing felony charges for coming up with a way to hide his license plate at toll booths. Yes, he may soon be a convicted felon all because he didn’t want to pay $1.25 for the privilege of using the local highways.

The gadget he made is simple. It consists of what appears to be a piece of a black tarp that slides down over his license plate like a window shade. The whole thing is operated by a small remote control kept in the passenger compartment. All West had to do was press a button anytime he passed through a toll booth and he became an enigma as he blew through the tolls.

It’s brilliant in its simplicity, but we all know crime doesn’t pay. He was caught by an attentive state trooper who was driving behind him and saw the sneaky shade slide into place. If West paid a little more attention and paid this one toll, then he could still be cruising the street.

Now the authorities are trying to figure out how long he’s been getting away with this trick. If he’s paying that toll each way to work, then he saved a whopping $2.50 a day. That’s over $600 a year, but isn’t even close to worth it for potentially being a convicted felon for the rest of your life.

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The police say West made this device himself, but he’s not the first to think of the idea. You can even buy similar devices online. No, we’re not linking to them because they’re not legal and you’re on your own if you want to risk your a felony conviction to save a few bucks.

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