Ugh, Lamborghini Finds Its Softer Side to Lure Women Buyers


BestRide | Sep 01, 2016

Lamborghini Urus

Marketing cars to women is not a bad idea. The number of women with driver’s licenses recently exceeded the number of men, and women drive more miles than men. It’s a market automakers would be foolish to ignore. That does not mean they have to start spouting tired tropes about being soft and gentle to attract women buyers, especially if you’re Lamborghini.

Even if you don’t know squat about cars, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the Lamborghini name. It brings to mind a ridiculously expensive supercar. That car is probably bright red and has some ungodly amount of power with an engine that could vibrate your heart right out of your chest. You’d die happy.

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That’s what Lamborghini is all about and that’s why people love their cars. You don’t go looking to buy a Lambo to cart the kids to school, but Lamborghini has other ideas. Their upcoming Urus is an SUV with its sights set on women with kids. This is not a bad idea since there are plenty of women who would love to drive the kids to school in a Lamborghini. That’s a challenge when there’s only room for two passengers. The typical mom might end up strapping one kid to the roof.

That kid might think it was the coolest thing ever, but the school might take issue when you pull up to carpool and little Timmy slides off the roof, picks some bugs out of his teeth and waltzes into school.

Yes, the idea of a luxury SUV from a brand like Lamborghini is not a bad idea at all. Porsche has had success with the Cayenne and Lamborghini would like a piece of that pie. It’s a good idea, but the way they’re marketing this is somewhat disturbing.

In a recent Bloomberg interview, CEO Stefano Domenicali explained where the company is heading. “A bull is always aggressive, but I would like to give us a new philosophy toward the future: A bull can be gentle.”

Insert eye roll here.

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“Gentle” includes giving the Urus a 600-horsepower, turbocharged V8 engine instead of Lamborghini’s coveted V12. Women don’t like that much power? Not gentle enough for us?

Domenicali also said, “A bull can recognize people with a glimpse of the eye and be smart. He is not always aggressive in a negative way. He’s aggressive because he is very strong animal, but the Lamborghini of the future is an animal that can recognize the beauty of people, can recognize the fact that we are going to a family-oriented business with an SUV.”

Oh, come on. The beauty of people?

It’s not the idea of Lamborghini making an SUV that’s maddening, but the idea that in order to get women to buy the thing that they think there has to be some new softer, warm and fuzzy side to Lamborghini.

It’s like making traditional male-centric products like hammers and tool belts in pink. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered the Urus with a pink interior in deference to delicate feminine sensibilites.

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