TV: Win Tickets to See the US Debut of “The Grand Tour”


BestRide | Jul 08, 2016

Grand Tour

The US version of Top Gear is officially done and the UK version of Top Gear is officially a wreck. Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have been working on their own new show called The Grand Tour and now you can win tickets to its first US recording.

The Grand Tour will debut this Fall on Amazon Prime, but they haven’t released a precise date, yet. They also haven’t revealed where the first US show will be taping, which is a risk you’ll have to take. Given these guys and their Top Gear history, you could end up just about anywhere in the country.

The prize includes travel to wherever they film, $200 to spend on whatever you find when you get there, accommodations, and a meet and greet with the famous trio. Not a bad deal for fans of the Top Gear of old.

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The very first taping of the show will be in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 17. Amazon already ran a contest for three pairs of tickets to that one, but it ended last month so you’re too late to see the first taping ever.

That studio recording will be held in a giant tent, so winning tickets required a tent-themed entry. Entrants had to share a photo or video via Twitter of the most unusual place they’ve ever put up a tent. The Grand Tour hosts then picked their three favorites as the winners.

Nothing so fancy is required to enter for the first US taping. You simply head over to Amazon, login, and click the entry button. Makes you wonder what kind of pictures they got for the Johannesburg taping that they decided not to do anything like that over here.

In case you don’t win and don’t want to wait until Fall for your fill of the boys, you can still catch their antics as they’re filming elsewhere. Clarkson regularly shares updates on where they’ll be filming over on his Facebook page, including a recent video.

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It’s a brief clip filmed inside the camera crew’s vehicle. They’re heading one direction on a track while Clarkson and Hammond are screaming around the track at high speed in the opposite direction in their own cars. The camera guys seem completely unbothered by this situation. The must have nerves of steel.

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